iNat has crashed?

Can’t search for anything or visit any taxon profile (website, Chrome and Opera)

Explore page doesn’t load at all

Clicking identify gives this error

Searching for anything gives no results

clicking on any taxon profile gives a mole error


I think there is some automatic rebooting when this happens?

But its been down for a few minutes now… oh well, off to play a game instead, goodnight

Same here. Is there a status page for iNaturalist?

I’m also having issues. I can get onto my dashboard, and I could open my notifications, but I couldn’t add ID’s or comments to them, and I can’t do anything with the ID page.

iNat seems to be working for me, but I can’t open any projects.
(No, it only looked like it was working…)

Came to check if it was on my end. Can’t open any observations or do any search.

I’ll wait until things get back to normal to upload new obs, then. :)

Same here (Spain), somehow the updates page is still showing obs, but it won’t let me load anything

iNat not working in Swaziland —

Take this unfortunate moment as an incentive to go out in nature, sip some extra vitamin D, and record new obs to upload :)


Same for me.

It’s drizzling and not quite dawn here. I think I’ll go back to bed instead.


Good to know it’s not just me. I uploaded three observations this morning but it wouldn’t load ID suggestions nor even let me enter a placeholder. They seem to have uploaded but without IDs, and now I can’t even open them to try to add the IDs to them. The observation pages just keep sitting there on the spinning wheel thingy and refuse to load. I can get to my observation list but I suspect maybe because its in my browser cache?

I would but it’s drizzling here as well and I have school :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hopefully iNat is back and at it later today.

this one is new to me:

Ditto here in Turkey, Observation grid/map hangs but notifications OK.
I suppose I should go and do the dishes, though they’ve not been there long enough to attract interesting flies to catch…


same here in Slovakia

same in Argentina

Same here in the East Coast of the United States, 8:00 AM local time, 10/30/23.

Projects not loading, error messages.

Problems here to. But the blog does work:

Thank you everyone for your patience. As we still investigate what happened the site should be back up now again.