Problems getting records to appear on Identify page?

Is anyone else having problems getting records to appear on the Identify page ?

I just keep getting blank pages and ‘no matching observations’ when I try to access it.

i am having some general slowdown and ‘gateway time-out’ issues with iNat right now.

The entire site appears to be broken.

(Queue Full) for most things, but atlases seem to work, perhaps on another server:

Yeah, likely all manifestations of the same problem, when written I was just seeing issues on the Identify page, but now the whole site has fallen down and cant get back up for me as well.

We’re investigating, folks, sorry for the unscheduled downtime.

I’m getting error code 503 and code 422
When I’m trying to upload

The site is back up but is a bit slower than usual for the time being. Things have been working for me.

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I could open tabs and get a title but it didn’t load the observation. And I think I cleared and lost some notifications …

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