iNat Year in Review 2022 Released!

It’s that time of year again: we’ve released the 2022 Year in Review!

iNaturalist network sites all have their own YIR pages as well, just go to [site domain name]/stats/2022. There are also links to all network site 2022 stats at the bottom of the main site’s YIR page.

And of course you can generate your own stats by going to [site domain name]/stats/2021/you, eg, where you can also create a shareable image similar to the one above.

Stats for these sitewide pages will be refreshed every Sunday, US time, for the next few weeks.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed to iNat!


My assumption when hovering over segments in the species chart is that I could see how many species I’ve uploaded for each iconic taxon. Instead, it shows me the number of observations for each of these, which seems counterintuitive for this specific chart


Is there a reason why there is there a significant spike in observations in early May for the year in review for all of iNat?

the City Nature Challenge :)


If you click on that portion of the ring, it will open up that iconic segment in Explore and give you the species count. For example I click on plants and it gives me Plants since 01.01.2022 and I can see on the bar how many Observations, Species, Identifiers, and Observers (1, me) - I know you probably know this but others reading may not.

I kinda don’t get stats from “% of total growth” graph, Spain with 579k is 4,53% and Australia with 1386k is 3,11%? That doesn’t look right.

Is there a reason it doesn’t go past August for 2022?
All my 2022 stats end in August. But I have a LOT of observations since then…confused…


Filtered to start Jan 1, 2022, end today:

You need to update the page, in the bottom is the button.


I think you know its compared to their own standing last year. Obs 2021 vs Obs 2022. That is how come Canada is 0.06% - what? Low growth? Hmmmmmmm… - 2,529,955 this year vs 2,551,268 last year. Everyone has been too busy catching up with each other.
[Edit: Don’t think I’m right…but still Canada, what?]

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OMG that is a hidden little button xD
Thank you I never would have found that! Ahhh much better!
(my 3 casuals are because we can’t get the dang lichens past family lol)

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No, it’s a different graph, the description says " “% от общего роста” означает, сколько мирового роста пришлось на конкретную страну, например, если было 20 наблюдений в 2018 году и 10 в 2017 году, то это составило бы рост 10 наблюдений, и если 5 из этих наблюдений были из Бенина, то Бенин обеспечил 50% общего роста.": % of total growth means how much of world growth is accounted for specific country, e.g. if there were 20 obs in 2018 and 10 in 2017, that would be growth of 10 obs, and if 5 of those were from Benin, Benin would make 50% of total growth.
It should be a graph of global growth. Specific country growth graphs are “growth in 2022” and “% of growth in 2022”.

I see… trying to figure out what they did…I’ll be back…


Austria is 3.11% with 348,495
Australia is 9.80% with 1,385,128

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Yeah, read wrong, but
Russia - 1,19% with 1 280 532
Thailand - 2,30% with 126 079
I don’t get it.


Will there be streaks stats (how many days in a row people made they observations) in this year?

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Thank you so much, I always look forward to these.

Are there any plans to do a country-by-country info post as you did a couple of years ago (2020 I believe?). That was super interesting.


And compare it with 2021:
in 2022
It’s not even in the graph.

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I saw it on mine so yours should have that, too.

Edit: I was talking about the wrong thing.

No, there’s no streaks part for now, but as I remember it was added later last year too? It should be after the most favourited observations.

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Lo tengo

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