iNatting Cape Town in July

I’ve made a pervious thread about this topic, but I’m asking again now that I have more concrete plans. In July of next year, I’m going to be visiting Cape Town (plus some other stuff in ZA – but that’s not relevant). I know I’m going to do the following:

  • Visiting penguins on Boulders Beach
  • Going to Robben Island (more of a historical learning experience, though)
  • Exploring wineries around Stellenbosch
  • Visiting Kirstenbosch
  • Doing something on Table Mountain
  • Possibly visiting the Western Cape MPA (Langebaan, mostly)
  • Visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium (obviously not wild animals)
    Is there anything else that’s absolutely worth doing, nature-wise, in Cape Town at that time of year? Bonus points if it also appeals to non-naturalists.

Any specific species common around the city to look out for?

Side note, but how common are Cape Fur Seals this time of year? Am I likely to see them on the docks around the Aquarium?

Seals are resident in the harbour near the Aquarium

Can’t find the link I want, but there is a platform for the seals, which divers can access from below, to disentangle the seals from plastic.

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Follow-up question – do any Cape Town area naturalists (@dianastuder?) know good places to look for dwarf chameleons? My brother loves them.

8 years since I saw one. But you prompted me to add that to iNat

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know good places to look for dwarf chameleons

Hey give me a shout if you would like - these chameleons are more easily spotted at night. Just remind me by sending me a PM when you’re here - I might be able to reach out to a couple of other naturalists and see if we can organise an outing to one or two spots we’ve seen chameleons. Otherwise they are best seen in the early morning.

Also an idea for when you’re here which I think I mentioned the last time you made a topic about this trip - why not try a day trip to Hermanus to see southern right whales? They come here every winter to mate and give birth, and you can watch them from the shore, they’re that close. Driving to Hermanus is also a nice scenic drive down that way.

Otherwise, as July is in the middle of winter here, pack warm clothing and remember to take something weather-proof. There is a high likelihood of rain at that time of the year.


Thanks on all counts. While I can’t organize stuff with iNatters in the region, I’m thankful for the recommendations, and I’m still intrigued by Hermanus.

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