iNatting Cape Town in July

I’ve made a pervious thread about this topic, but I’m asking again now that I have more concrete plans. In July of next year, I’m going to be visiting Cape Town (plus some other stuff in ZA – but that’s not relevant). I know I’m going to do the following:

  • Visiting penguins on Boulders Beach
  • Going to Robben Island (more of a historical learning experience, though)
  • Exploring wineries around Stellenbosch
  • Visiting Kirstenbosch
  • Doing something on Table Mountain
  • Possibly visiting the Western Cape MPA (Langebaan, mostly)
  • Visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium (obviously not wild animals)
    Is there anything else that’s absolutely worth doing, nature-wise, in Cape Town at that time of year? Bonus points if it also appeals to non-naturalists.

Any specific species common around the city to look out for?

Side note, but how common are Cape Fur Seals this time of year? Am I likely to see them on the docks around the Aquarium?

Seals are resident in the harbour near the Aquarium

Can’t find the link I want, but there is a platform for the seals, which divers can access from below, to disentangle the seals from plastic.

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Follow-up question – do any Cape Town area naturalists (@dianastuder?) know good places to look for dwarf chameleons? My brother loves them.

8 years since I saw one. But you prompted me to add that to iNat

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