Searching for Cape Town shows Cape Town Marine

How can I remove that ‘Cape Town Marine’?
Where does it come from?

I ask for frogs in Cape Town and get no obs, because iNat is fixated on marine?!

Click the little cross next to the “Cape Town Marine” to clear the bounding box. Do this on the Grid tab not the Map tab otherwise it will take forever to load because what’s going to happen is that it’s going to refresh to all frogs of the world.

Make some coffee while it loads all the frogs of the world. Then when the page has finished loading, type Cape Town into the Location box, choose the right option from the dropdown (check closely which one you choose), and then wait for it to load the frogs of CT. Go back to the Map tab and all should be well.

Thank you - I have tried and tried. It remains utterly broken for me.
I can find 2 marine frogs (due to obscured locations)
Or none.

I can replicate! I have tried Kaapstad and Kapstadt, but they both default to Cape Town marine.

I have searched for the Place ‘Cape Town’ under Places, and found point places, which is not correct, they should have bounding boxes.

Did you used to be able to use this Place? @tonyrebelo we’ve got issues - can you help, please?

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@dianastuder the “Location” field searches Google Maps and if an iNat place matches a result we’ll show that place boundary, but once you get below the country/state/county equivalent levels, it’s a bit of a crap shoot and doesn’t work so well. I recommend using the Place search in the Filters box. I’m not familiar with Cape Town’s actual borders, but this place looks decent, or at least more relevant than the marine one.


Yes thank you - ignoring location and using the place filter - gives me useful information

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Tony summarized it: dont use the main box because it is a google search and not very good.
Go into the filters and use them:
your choices should be:

I would recommend that you use “City of Cape Town” instead of Cape Town.
Seems like some curation is needed. The problem is conflicting needs with slightly different areas. And several bum places.


Thanks. I also wonder about Silver Mine showing up as two words for the location on observations. That should always be Silvermine.

@tiwane any chance of a mouseover text on the location box for confused new users?
or use Filter by place

Or a toggle so I can set my default straight to filter by place, instead of a not useful to me location box?

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