iNaturalist in Taiwan, Growing an iNaturalist Community

A few years ago, iNat growth in Taiwan started exploding:

And I know Cheng-Tao Lin (@mutolisp) was a major mover behind it, as he contacted us a few times about common names, etc. Luckily I got to meet him at a National Geographic citizen science workshop in Hong Kong at the end of 2018, and he presented the amazing work he and others had done to build the iNat community in Taiwan - it was all really inspiring and humbling.

Citizen Science Asia recently recorded a Zoom talk by Cheng-Tao and his work with iNat and citizen science, and I wanted to share it here: and his slides are available here.

It’s just under 40 minutes and well worth watching. I should also note that Adrienne and Mendel (who show up in the beginning of the video) also attended that workshop in Hong Kong. I believe all three met each other for the first time there, so it’s cool to see them all collaborating now.

Finally, it was fun to get out into the field and watch Cheng-Tao and @sunnetchan (from Hong Kong), who’d never met each other before, completely nerd out about plants!


Haha, was this photo also taken in Hong Kong? The design of the road and the look of the plants at the side feels familiar. I have personally met sunnetchan during a few mothing events, and must say he has a good eye for finding many of the small, hidden critters despite our use of torches. Also from his iNat profile he is one of the most prolific inatters in HK, and I personally have learned a great deal by viewing his observations.

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Yes, it was taken during this excursion:

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