site down - didn't see any maintenance warnings

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Step 1: Surf to the URL

Step 2: Server not found. tracert can’t resolve the url either

Step 3:


Looking into it.


Can’t estimate when it’ll be back up, unfortunately. In the meantime you should be able to use until iNatNZ is back up.


Looks like the domain registration hasn’t been renewed. I assume that’s a job for @jon_sullivan ?

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Well, :man_facepalming: If the enthusiasts can’t manage the basics, then perhaps the basics need to be handed over to the professionals?

The professionals make these mistakes too sometimes. For example:
It can be all too easy to miss the expiry warning messages if you’re away for Easter or for some other reason.


I think you’re being quite generous. The renewal messages come frequently and start early. They are impossible to miss.

inaturalist.NZ is back online