iNaturalist observations informed scientific models: Huckleberries and climate change

Thought I would share this story here (given that it is an example of where iNaturalist can help environmental science). Inspiration for more iNaturalist observation-ing! :)

It’s story about Huckleberry responses to climate change (and the research that was helped by iNaturalist observations); posted to medium:–writer.postDistributed&sk=72ac7dd31a84afe56bdc766c72c05c00


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That article is very interesting and I liked the photos.


Nice write-up! I love the idea of using iNaturalist to add phenology records - the annotations system has been a great addition to the platform. Saving your article as another cool example of how scientists are using iNaturalist data.


Agreed- are there any known efforts to focus on a particular (easily identified) species to get more widespread participation on collecting phenological data? Dr. Prevey mentioned Lilacs… (but not sure if with iNaturalist). It seems like huckleberries could be similar in that people often encounter and easily identified.

I’m not aware of any like that. The closest I could think of is a paper that came out using Yucca observations from iNat, but it doesn’t seem to have used the annotations system.

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