iNaturalist reached milestone for citations

Just checked the GBIF-database and found that there are right now (9 Feb 2021) 1,001 citations for iNat-generated data. That is amazing! Here’s to the next 1K!



Just as a curious aside, the description says:

Temporal scope

  • September 13, 1477 - January 8, 2021
    Painting? Drawing? Pinned Insect? Pressed Flowers? Taxidermy?

No listings for 1400s visible it seems?

Error? or…disconnected to iNat data I guess at least


Nice to check out some of iNaturalists oldest observations though :

Thanks for the link, @sbushes - wonder how many extinct species already have been entered in iNaturalist (this might be one as well:

Anybody knows if there is an overview in GBIF showing the top contributing dataset in terms of citations?

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Please take a look at this this forum thread.

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Hmmm… someone should give GBIF a heads up

Yeah, I guess !

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