iNaturalist Updates for August 2022

Here’s a list of iNat updates for August 2022. Thank you, Forum Moderators, for tracking them!



  • Taxon photo editor now explains you can enter an observation’s ID number to see its photos.


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  • Released version 1.27.7 (549), with bug fixes. If one observation has something wrong with it, (eg a date in the future) that observation now won’t prevent other observations from being uploaded.
  • Apps should no longer display negative observation counts.
  • Issues with photos that have malformed EXIF data should be fixed.
  • Continued work on new app


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  • Continued work on new app and bug fixes for current app (but not released)


  • Released August challenge

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


I hope there’s a new identifier profile coming soon


Unfortunately I had to shuffle a few things around this month. Hoping to have two next month.


I encountered this earlier in the week when explaining to another user how to add a taxon photo. It’s a useful tweak.Thanks.


Awesome! I haven’t heard about this yet. What are the goals of a new app?

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More info here:

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Very nice, somehow I missed that post. Flagging that the readme file for the INaturalistIOS repo references a roadmap that was last updated in 2018. I think the link should be removed as it causes confusion, especially in light of the new React native app plans.

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Thanks, I updated the readme to point to iNatRN instead.

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