App crashes on Vivo Smartphone v2050

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Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.27.4 (546)

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I am helping a friend on her new phone to make observations via iNaturalist. Her username is @nanine_behrens. She had an inaturalist account and profile already on her previous phone where she has loaded 271 observations already. She downloaded inaturalist and signed in on her new phone, a Vivo Smartphone v2050. When she tries to make observations on the new phone, it doesnt record the photo and then crashes. See screenshots, I have numbered them 1 to 25 in the sequence I took them. Even trying to upload a photo from the phone’s gallery doesnt work.
I also added screenshots below of all her phone app and camera settings. I would appreciate if you could help. My e-mail address is, I can send you more information if necessary.

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many thanks
Santie Gouws

The screenshots are very chaotic and it’s not clear when the phone freezes. Could you explain the steps needed to replicate the problem from tapping the iNat icon to the freezing step? Without unneeded steps like checking the settings, etc.

The phone has a heavily modified Android OS so the problem might be with it.


The photos each have a number in the photo’s file name, you need to follow the nr sequence to see what happened. It is not showing in the correct sequence in the message. Can I perhaps rather e-mail them to you, then it will be more clear.

She followed the normal sequence in the app to take a photo observation from within the app, but the app didnt show the photo in the observation, and then crashed. Photos nr 1 to 7 show this. In photo nr 6, the observation is right at the top of the list, you will see it did not pick up the photo, and photo nr 7 is of the observation, there is no photo.

Does that help or do you need more info?


I should crash the app today and sent the logfile of this day to support of iNaturalist with a link to the forum/this subject.









‘‘When she tries to make observations on the new phone, it doesnt record the photo and then crashes.’’
It crashes when the observation is shown?

I expect the type of photo of the camera is not accepted. Does it create jpg files? about HEIC exctensions.

Can you please have her re-open the app after it crashes and send log files to

To send log files, go to the About tab in the app and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

thanks, I have passed the message on to her, she’ll be sending you the logfile. She managed to upload 3 observations yesterday afternoon (,, , but when trying the 4th one, it crashed again and gave these two messages:

Thanks, we received the log file and will take a look.

As @optiliete surmised, there’s something strange about the photo, although the log files show that the issue is with the EXIF metadata of the photo.

If possible, can you have her send one of those photos to That might help us create a short-term solution. Unfortunately, however, we need the photo’s metadata, which many email programs often strip. Does she use Dropbox or Google Drive?

Made a GitHub issue for a longer-term fix.

This should be fixed in the latest version - 1.27.7 (549).