iNaturalist Updates for January 2021

Here’s a list of iNat Updates for January of 2021. Thank you @bouteloua, @jwidness, and other moderators for keeping track of these throughout the month!




  • Duplicate an observation by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of an existing observation
  • Ability to remove the date, time, and location from an observation, for privacy purposes
  • Share the location of an observation by tapping the share icon on an existing observation
  • Made annotation order static
  • Fixed a bug where location uncertainty was being updated incorrectly
  • Major updates to taxon chooser (in beta testing - you can help!)

iOS - version 3.1 released

  • App storage use reduced - it shouldn’t gobble up very large amounts of storage any longer
  • App will no longer store crash logs/analytics if opted out via website or “Prefer No Tracking” preference that was added to Settings screen
  • Bug fix: removing a photo from an observation now actually removes it from the observation


  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Added a Share feature, which allows you to share an observation (must be identified to species) directly to Facebook or save an image to your device with Seek logo and ID watermark. You must be signed in to iNaturalist in order to share an observation and the watermark only works on square images (crop functionality is included).

iNat Blog

For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


Awesome! Can’t wait to see more coming in the future!

Thanks. Re:

“* Share the location of an observation by tapping the share icon on an existing observation”

Does this allow the user to apply the same location to other observations of their own?

I cant find the icon, or perhaps I just dont recognise it, on my Android Galaxy tablet. Is it a phone thing? And is the same function in the MacOSversion?

New user settings already exist.

This is what it looks like on my android.

I am a beta tester though if that makes a difference.

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Thanks Thomas. No part of that image is familiar to me! Is it a phone? I cant see small screens well enough to use iNat on mine for more than the occasional unedited upload.

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Yep that’s my phone. Are you using the app on your tablet?

No, I browse the iNat and Forum webpages, usually in Chrome.

Oh OK. I think the Android section (including the location sharing) just refers to the app. You should check it out. :)