Users set to "watch" News & Updates by default now

This is interesting and I probably would have read this topic anyway but I am curious as to why I received notifications about it. Do all users receive notifications of topics related to updates?


Same here…

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i’ve been told that this particular category was set to “watch” for everyone as a test. you should be able to stop “watching” it via the menu at the bottom of the thread.


(moved this to a new topic in #forum-feedback)

It was something we were trying out as a way to help folks see new topics in that category as they’re usually pretty important, I apologize I didn’t bring up here beforehand.

You can opt out of via the method @pisum mentioned.


I think my posts are pretty important. I’d like to be able to do this. :laughing:


I did wonder about it but thought maybe I had not noticed before. I am alright with it having happened. Did the notice for this post happen by that same default?

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I don’t have a problem with it. I was just curious about it. No apology needed.

Any chance we can get it set to “Watching first post” instead? I don’t mind getting important updates in my feed but I don’t really want to see every reply or have to opt-out of every new topic.


Yeah, I’ll change it to that, my mistake.


How do I unsubscribe? I have tried to on the website several times now, but continue to receive emails on this thread and others…


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I appreciate being notified about important platform issues, but it does not work for me when it means getting a flood of emails with everyone’s comments (received today) and none about the main subject, i.e., when Carrie posted it 6 days ago.

So don’t get me wrong, but is there a way to make the “Watching” status completely optional and not imposed on us? Or is this a bug?

Thank you. :)


This is true for me too. Getting notifications re updates and downtimes etc is very useful. And edits or additional posts by the staff concerned, ie additional important info - all good.

Is there a way to send notifications and/or emails only regarding posts by those with the new info? while letting those of us who want to chat do so quietly together here? :)

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It looks like the default setting might still need to be changed from Watching to Watching First Post. My apologies - it was my suggestion to set it to notify people to news and updates, but I didn’t realize there were two “types” of watching options when I made the suggestion (notifications for every post vs. first post only). I agree it should be first post only (i.e. when staff posts a new topic, and not every time someone replies to it).

In the meantime, you can head here:

And select your preferred setting for the category in the top right.



Briliant, thanks bouteloua…and now we know where the setting is, too!


I can’t seem to stop the replies

Did you find that setting bouteloua mentioned? Its a picture of a bell.
Edit…oh, I see her screenshot shows it, beside " + New Topic"

Even when I set it to “normal” from “watching” I’m still getting notifications for every comment made.

I’m going o turn it off entirely and see if that helps as I really don’t care for a flood of irrelevant notifications.

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OK, I removed both “watching” and “watching first post” settings and applied those settings to all accounts. I think that should clear things now, but let me know what you see for News and Updates. It should show “normal” now: