iNaturalist Updates for July 2021

Here’s a list of iNat updates for July 2021. Thank you for keeping track of these, @forum_moderators.




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  • Various bugfixes

iOS - version 3.2.1 released

  • Bugfix: setting observation geoprivacy to private in the app no longer hides the true location of the observation in the edit screen
  • Bugfix: in explore tab, observation details correctly shows date/time info
  • Bugfix: when offline, one’s project list now loads correctly


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  • Challenges with less than 100% completion now show Species Nearby, filtered by taxa that a user has not already observed and by the missions they still need to complete
  • Bugfix: IDs edited in Seek before posting to iNat will not display computer vision icon

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For even more bug fixes and updates, check out iNaturalist on github and see previous monthly updates.


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