On Compare, sort species alphabetically to compare within a genus

Hi, when one chose to “compare” a specimen with other Begonia species, the list can be very long in some areas, but when one try to “Sort By Taxonomy”, the result is not alphabetically sorted. Thus, It turns out to be very complicated to know if one species has already been recorded by iNat or not in this area.

What is “Sort By Taxonomy” if not alphabetical ?

On iNat, the species in genus Begonia have been (partially) sorted within sections:


The Compare tool currently sorts the sections alphabetically, then within each section, the species are sorted alphabetically. So if something is in section Chasmophila, even if the species name starts with an “a”, it will come after all the species in sections Alicida, Apterobegonia, Augustia, Baccabegonia, etc.


Ok. Now it makes sens. It was not obvious in small areas.

Anyway, in some cases like a big genus with up to 70 or more sections like Begonia, it would be very usefull to be able to sort species simply alphabetically as well.


@begalma remember to vote for your own feature request :wink: I agree that this would be a helpful option to have.

This has just been released, choose Scientific Name under “Sort by:”