Inaturalist was OFF?

It was just me or the site and app was down for at least one day? I tried to use the App from my Iphone and was not possible, even in my laptop the site was down, the .org and At the momment no official comments from the Staff… :O

Not for the whole day, but I had problems with the site yesterday, it just didn’t load when everything else was fine, but it was only for about 20 mins.


We don’t see anything on our end that would have caused a long widespread shortage. Perhaps it was a local issue with an internet service provider?

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Interesting. I hadn’t noticed anything but a student in my uni yesterday told me that they’d tried for about an hour to upload photos to iNat and kept getting 404 errors and couldn’t upload directly into our class project. This would have been late Thursday night NZ-time. Apparently it eventually started working again. I asked them to let me know if they could replicate it.

(Perhaps that’s just coincidental. I can ask them for more details on the exact behaviours and timing if it’s helpful.)


we had web site (safari on IOS) unable to load yesterday for several minutes in the evening. At the same time, the IOS app said on the Activity tab, under my content, “no updates yet. stay tuned!” We checked one of those “is the web site down for everyone or just for us” web sites and it said it was just us.


I sent a email to Help with more details. Should I post it here as well?

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The email is fine, thanks.