Include link to "Frequently used responses" on each "Identify" page

iNaturalist provides suggested language to explain to new users how to fix such problems as multiple species in one observation (obs), failure to tag an obs Captive/cultivated, missing date or location. The URL is

It would really help to have a hot link to this page handy when I am using the Identify tab to locate obs that I can ID. Sometimes I end up composing my own instructions rather than looking for the suggested responses page.

Even better would be the ability to type something like “###5a” in a comment box and have the text appear for web users who have multiple species in a single observation.

[And, hey, iNat could even save computer space. If I used the above-mentioned plug-in without modifying it, the text of my comment could be saved as ###5a.

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I know some people have made macros to insert standard answers for problems like these when using their own computers, but having iNat host the functionality would definitely be helpful.


There are browser extensions, such as TextExpander for Chrome that can achieve the same result.

I’m not sure how much space could be saved, since it’s often best to include a bit of customization of the templates when replying to people.