Include Stats for every subproject in collection projects on Stats page

I would like to see the following information across all of the projects included in a collection project, just one one top of each other going down:

This is this data that I most want to see compared across the projects - particularly the relative proportions of each taxon - when I make a collection.

This would benefit everyone else who wants to see this kind of comparison. For instance, some places might have less mammals, and more birds, observed.

This example is from a collection project to track my ongoing 1k species challenge, and compare it to another challenge someone did before on here; I am also comparing the countries and their respective diversities in the various categories. As seen from backyard-type sampling and as seen from the whole of iNat observations.

The overview page meanwhile shows some stats for all projects:

[Edit]: Please disregard the following, I see it’s been addressed elsewhere, and it’s not my feature request.

as you can see in the first picture, some of the taxa in the legend are cut off in the display; this has always been the case and I would like this fixed as well.

This has been brought up often as an issue, as well as the placement of the overlay boxes on the map.

It’s an issue of screen resolution.display and the placement of items based on display. Monitors have somewhat different display ratios and resolutions than they did in the past, but the site hasn’t been updated to take that into account.

In Chrome you can temporarily fix this by right clicking on the page, opening the ‘Inspect’ option, and fiddling with the settings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last.

It’s an issue that users have been wanting a solution to for years now.

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assuming the subprojects in your umbrella project are collection projects, you should be able to see their respective pie charts on the stats page of their respective project pages. why not just open these up and arrange them as you like? for example:

if you showed the pie charts for all subprojects on a single page, that would clutter up the stats page on the umbrella project, i think.

there are 2 outstanding bug reports right now. they should probably be consolidated:

I don’t see the point of these stats if it’s not comparative.

The front page even alludes to that by showing the information for all of the projects. I want the stats page to be the same way, and show everything. There’s not much on this page otherwise so it’s not like it will get cluttered. Plus, the ‘mot faved’ observations is the thing that I would actually like to see by opening multiple tabs, whilst having these circle charts all in one place, if I had to choose just one. I take the point of the collection project as being able to make comparisons. That goes for all the numerical data that is available.

Point of fact, any more data than this that is available for iNat observations across projects or otherwise, I would like available as straightforwardly as possible, in that case it means few clicks.

I know otherwise you can just open more tabs, but I feel like this is trying to provide a convenience, and it could do much better, this way, imo.

I checked in with our developers about this request and it’s not something we’ll be implementing. Umbrella projects are currently a pretty big burden on iNat and adding functionality that will increase that burden (such as calculating stats) is not something we’ll do.

We recommend using our API to query data from which you can make your own charts, or opening multiple tabs for an umbrella’s subprojects.

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