Inconsistency with "Most Species" display vs. link in collection projects

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The count on the project page presumably uses hrank=species, i.e. an actual species count; however, the “View Yours” link does not include hrank=species and so includes other, non-leaf taxa.

Compare, the href from my “View Yours” link on the project above, vs., which matches the number reported on the project page.


there are lots of previous topics that cover this, and based on the page above, i don’t think there’s going to be any change.

for moderators, i suspect these similar threads probably just need to be closed at this point, as there’s unlikely to be any action on them:

It’s related to those issues, but less of a semantic issue, because (IMO) it’s attempting to present the same data in two different ways. The site shows you a count of your “species” and asks if you want to see the comprising observations, and then when you get there shows you a different count of “species”. As I mentioned, it’s just an inconsistency with how the link is built vs. how the data is compiled on the page itself.

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right now, the View Yours and View All buttons in the three “Most” sections in the Project page each direct you to more or less the same underlying page across the three categories. if they change the links to do what you’re suggesting here in this thread, you’re going to end up creating conflicts across the three sections. so you just trade one inconsistency for another.

That’s a fair point. The page itself could be changed to define “species” the same way the link does to at least be consistent, but that’s probably even worse.

Anyway, this is a bug report forum, and that’s a bug in my opinion. Whether and how it’s fixed is above my pay grade :)