Inconsistent Date Format on Taxon Changes

First, there is a time as well as a date on a taxon change when it is added, but only a date when it is committed (on both the change itself and on the taxon changes page).


Second, the date committed appears to be tied to the time zone of the user who committed it the committer had selected in their settings when they committed the change [edit update, problem persists when viewing swaps I added/committed], while the date/time added is tied to the time zone selected by the account that is viewing it. For example, in the above screen shot my account settings are set to GMT -5:00. If I change my settings to GMT +7:00, the date/time added changes to GMT +7:00 but the date committed (without a time) stays what it was. In this case, this results in the date committed coming before the date/time added, which is nonsensical.


I don’t really care if the two different dates are tied to the author/committer of the swap or to the account viewing it, but they should be the same.

I’ve seen a lot of other bug reports with weird date issues but I don’t think I’ve seen this one posted yet. I also might be interpreting the underlying issue incorrectly but there definitely seems to be something fishy.

Using Chrome on Mac

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Added to my weekly report.

We don’t record the time something was committed. It’s something we could do and then these would be synced, but it seems like a pretty small benefit.