Taxon change missing date and user details if created by a now-deleted user

I just came across a taxon change that is inexplicably missing a number of details. Namely, it is missing details of when the change was added and who added it, as well as who committed it (and when it was committed, but this is elsewhere on the page). I’m presuming that this is a bug as I cannot work out why this information would ever need to be hidden.

For comparison, here is a normal taxon change from around the same time:

And here is the odd one:

Any ideas?

Maybe it was done by a deleted user and that info no longer shows up? If that were the case, it would definitely be a bug in my mind (I’d at least want “deleted user” or something to show). But I have no idea how to verify that.


It’s seems to be the case :


Since the deleted user tag does show on the history, I think it would be good to show on the taxon change page as well. I guess this could be considered either a bug or small feature request, but it would be helpful.


Ah, makes sense about the deleted user! But yes I think I’d want that information to stay on the page as well

Yeah, I think it should at least show “deleted user” and the dates, if that’s what happened here. We can take a look after the weekend.