Inconsistent "last seen" date in the "life list"

Psilotum nudum is reported as last seen in 2007:

But I have seen it also in 2013:

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You can choose to edit the taxon on the list and “refresh it”.

Do you mean this refresh button:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even try it, because I didn’t find “Psilotum” in none of the 7 pages.

I mean this:

If the problem in only 1 species it’s an ok method.

Thank you melodi_96, it worked.
The display I got was a bit different from your screenshot, I got it like this after clicking on “Modify”, then I clicked on “Refresh”, and the number of observations changed from 1 to 2:


I consider this as a workaround. It would be better if the life list could really be generated in real time.


Thank you alecc, I tried this too (but can’t tell the effect, since I previously applied another solution):

I got a performance warning (but the update was immediate):


modifier puis rafraîchir est la seule méthode fiable en ce moment. heureusement par contre, la fonction des listes va bientôt être ajusté, selon Tony: