Wrong Date for Life List firsts

This calendar page shows the CLOUDED SULPHUR as a LIFE LIST FIRST.
In fact, my first CLOUDED SULPHUR observation was 14 SEPT 2013.

Is there a way to SORT or CORRECT this issue?
B Missen

Looks like your 2013 observation was uploaded a few days ago, which isafter your July 2019 one, and I think your Life List didn’t update. Lists is a buggy feature on iNat, so I’m not sure there’s much that can be done about it until we revamp lists (something we’re working on).

You can try to re-load your life lists from your observations by going to your life list page and clicking here:


But I can’t guarantee that’ll work.

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Given that in order for the reload to work, you need to run the bottom one first, then the top one, is it possible to at least reorder them in the dropdown?

clicking “Edit” and then “Refresh” under the individual species shown in your life list works too, but is slightly more time-consuming than @tiwane’s suggestion, especially if you’re doing it for hundreds or thousands of species. (clicking re-apply & reload hasn’t always worked properly for me, which is why I mostly do it manually now).

source: I do this obsessively after uploading observations because I like looking at the “Your Observations” tab and seeing the relative abundances of species I’ve observed

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The quick and easy solution, maybe the only working solution posted here (sorry Tony), is to go into your list, find that species, and manually delete and re-add it. It will then take the correct date.

“Reload from observations” will only affect species listings that are not on the list, it won’t “correct” ones already on there, as far as I’ve worked out. So while that will work if you delete the species from the list, then use “reload from observations”, it is a needless extra step.

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Your edit then refresh idea works!
But that is a lot of clicks for the list.

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oh it sure is, my good friend.

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