Incorrect border between Russia and China standard places

I am member of Projects “Birds of Russia”, “Birds of Northern Eurasia (ex-USSR)” “big-year-russia”
But two my observations are not possibble to link with any my Projects

There is clearly a mapping issue with the borders of Russia and China there as both your records while clearly in Russia, have been assigned by the site to being in China. You can see this by clicking the details , or whatever the Russian text is under the map. Because it thinks they are in China, they won’t go into a project for Russia.

The site will need to look at those maps. As you may know today is a national holiday in the US, and many people will not return to work until Monday, so it may be a few days before someone can look at this.


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Still the problem with map does not fixed (

@tiwane - the problem are with these maps, it appears to put into this Chinese city areas that are clearly in Russia. The national border between the 2 runs through the north end of the lake according to google maps, but is has been drawn to go all the way to the south and up the east shore which is Russia.

The same problem exists on the province

And the Chinese national map

All 3 need to be edited to properly place that border. I cant fix it, the places are locked for editing outside of site staff.