Italy vs. Russia on

Russia just passed Italy and currently is the eighth largest nation on iNaturalist!
Congratulations to the Russian community. It’s almost unbelievable that in December 2018 there were only 10,000 observations from this country. Now, there are 415,000+ verifiable ones!


That is good news indeed. Russia is a big, ecologically diverse place, and to have observations from there helps to fill in the map, so to speak!


How did this work? Was there a lot of organized large scale promotion? Some happy press articles that got popular?

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My understanding is a lot happened when Flickr switched to their paid subscription model and a lot of Russian Flickr users came here and started to share the site with friends etc


I’ve tried to tell the whole story here in the comments. As for Flickr, I really never heard about it here in Russia.

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01 juli 2019

It has little to do with Flickr, it’s not a very popular website to get so many ppl, personally I hear about changing in Flickr work for the first time. It’s mostly botany project, then appearing of bird project, and of course people chain.

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Not a popular website? It, along with Instagram and Tumblr is one of the largest photo sharing sites in the world.

While there are certainly other places contributing to the growth, at the time of their policy change, there were multiple testimonies of it driving users off the platform to seek alternatives such as iNat .

I’m talking about Russia where most of people doesn’t know or care about Tumblr existing. Tumblr associates with Tumblr girls and pornography, mostly mentioned in memes, and only a few people actually use it.
Flickr is known among photographers, ordinary person haven’t heard about it.


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