Uploading map of Russia for the project Birds of Russia

Fellow birder from Russia Alexander Yakovlev birdchuvashia has asked me to help out with the following.

They manage Birds of Russia project and the map that’s currently used is a bit off and does not include maritime borders. He’s created corrected .kml map, it’s size is less than 1MB, but he’s still cannot upload it - error message says the file is too big.

What steps should he take next? What additional info should İ ask him to provide?

If you’re referring to all of Russia, the error message refers to size as in square kilometers rather than megabytes. Users cannot upload very large places (the limit is described as around the size of the state of Texas). It might be best to continue to conversation here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/russia-inaturalist-world-tour/4698/2


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