Incorrect family names, potential issue with the source

I noticed a few instances where the Hungarian common name added to the family was actually a common name for a lower level taxon, which points to potential problems with the source.


  • Euphorbiaceae: incorrect: Kutyatej, correct: kutyatejfélék (reported already)
  • Asparagaceae: incorrect: Közönséges spárga, correct: spárgafélék (reported and fixed)

At the flag pages for these taxons, I see similar reports in other languages.

Based on the above strings, is it possible to point to the source? I’m happy to evaluate the rest of the Hungarian common names from the same source if it helps.

in these particular cases, it doesn’t look like a source was noted, but the Hungarian common name in both of these cases was added by the same user (jochr) in 2018. so you could ask that person how they sourced the names.

i assume curators have a page where they can view this information, but for non-curators, the information can be found in the DWCA taxon export (, which is published periodically.

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