Where do the localized common taxa names come from?

On for example https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/50278-Parthenocissus-quinquefolia, I see that common names are provided in many languages, but Hungarian is missing. However, the description section properly displays the Hungarian version of the species’ Wikipedia article (https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenocissus_quinquefoliahttps://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapadó_vadszőlő), which contains the common name in Hungarian: ‘tapadó vadszőlő’. Wondering, why is the Hungarian name not listed among the common names?


They’re added by users manually, you can add a name by clicking on “add a name”. There’re species that have like 30 pages on Wiki with common names, but none of those are on iNat, if you are willing to help the local community, please add as many common names as you can.


Today I added a few dozens of localized common names as you described, but when I felt tendonitis in my finger due to the copy-pastes, I started to wonder if there is an automated way to parse those names from the Wikipedia articles.

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I think if you have a spreadsheet of names, curator can add those faster, not sure if they can push the transfer from Wiki, somebody from staff should answer that.

Be careful what you ask for! The common names in wikipedia are not curated and sometimes misleading. I’ve deleted many for lack of a reliable, secondary source.


Some comments from staff regarding names from Wikipedia/Wikidata: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/can-i-bulk-import-translations-of-common-names-of-taxa/31981/8

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How does one delete/refute common names added by others? There are a few on extinct taxa I feel aren’t awesome.

You can flag the taxon in question and curators and evaluate the situation.

I think you should reach out to the user before deleting anything. How do you know their town/community doesn’t use that name? Unless you’re only considering offensive names.


Even if potentially offensive names are being considered great care should be applied to when they are or are not deleted.

I hope nobody deletes common names without reaching the author first, we spend time and energy on adding those.


Yes, we do. Bilingual dictionaries go alphabetically, not by category, so searching page by page is the only way to find organism names, which might not be in Wikipedia.

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