Incorrect images appearing

When browsing Ornate Ghostpipefish

two images of Hippocampus bargibanti appear.

Both images’ actual observations link to

which are Ornate Ghostpipefish.

These images need to be ‘refreshed’


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Hi @squiresk! Welcome to the forum. It looks like the observer accidentally included a couple pictures of seahorses in that ghostpipefish observation. I let them know they should move them to their own observation.

Since it looks like they’re an active user, hopefully they do so. Otherwise, unfortunately our best option is to identify the observation as “life” or a common ancestor species, so that it doesn’t show up under photos of the ghostpipefish species. More about that issue here:


Update: the observer split the observation apart, so the seahorse is on its own observation now: — also ahhhh what a cool little creature :)

Found another, but I’ve messaged her directly this time.

Messes things up really badly.

Yes, unfortunately it doesn’t look like that user has been active since early December, so I added a “Life” ID in this case (and left a comment). I’ll close this topic now that the original “bug” has been identified/resolved.