One of my Places has doubled representative photos for some reason. Not sure if bug or something else



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Hi @jhousephotos, can you fill out the rest of the bug report? URLs / specific examples that can be replicated to identify the bug are the most important part. Thanks!



it looks like the species list displayed on the place page comes from the place’s species checklist:

in that checklist, you’ll see that the duplication exists in the place checklist. you could try clicking the “Edit Taxa” button on the checklist page, and see if removing the extra entries fixes your problem. i don’t know how you would have ended up with extra entries in the first place though.

Removing one of those entries in the checklist works on our test server, @jhousehphotos, so I’d suggest doing that on the site. But we’re aware of lists’ issues and won’t be fixing anything that’s not egregrious as we’re working on a total revamp.

How do you remove them? I tried that several times but they just reappear after I refresh.

if removing a single entry from a pair doesn’t work, maybe try removing both from a pair and then adding a single entry back?