Incorrect Leaderboard

I was tagged on an observation when I shouldn’t have been:

It turns out I’m 10th on the leaderboard for the species even though I think I’ve never heard of the species before.

However, I’m not on the top 10 list on the observation page.

When I query the iNaturalist API for anyone who has ever identified Crepidotus variabilis, even if it was their own observation, I get a list of 45 identifiers, and I’m not in the list.

When I query the iNaturalist API for people who have identified other people’s observations of Crepidotus variabilis I get a list similar to the leaderboard, but with only 10 identifiers, and I’m not in the list.



There are a small enough number of observations for this species that I was able to check every one: I haven’t added an ID, maverick or otherwise, to any observation of Crepidotus variabilis. So that’s not it.

That did point the way to the API query which produces the same list as the leaderboard:

On a second pass through the observations, I found it:

This is kind of ridiculous. I put a lot of general-category IDs on observations with no IDs. Am I therefore on the leaderboards for a bunch of plants and fungi species, none of which I know how to identify?

As a concrete suggestion for a partial bugfix, I suggest changing the TOP IDENTIFIER and “Leaderboard” link on taxon pages to go to a list of people who have identified an observation as being in that taxon, not a list of people who have added any identification at all to an observation community identified as being in that taxon. In other words, don’t link it to the identifiers view of an explore observations search, link it to the actual top identifiers.


Opened a feature request based on our shared disgruntlement. ;)