Top identifier ID number doesn't match in Leaderboard

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Step 1: In the Nemertea taxon page you can see who is the top identifier and their IDs

Step 2: Now, if you go an click in Leaderboard the number of identifications from the top identifier don’t match (with Top observer and observers the observations match)

I believe this is a known bug, someone should find the original report so a moderator can merge them.

I believe this is a difference in IDs added (first instance) vs. observations with that ID and identifier (second instance). That user has added 83 IDs of that taxon, but only 67 observations identified by that user have the ID of that species (presumably because some IDs are disagreements and the observations are a higher level taxon).

See this post:

And this related feature request:


You only linked the bug report, not the feature request, fyi.

Here’s the feature request:

I think it has the clearest explanations, but I may be biased.

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In other terms, those two leaderboards for identifiers mean different things, in spite of having the same name, and in spite of being linked together. Rather than a bug, that is inconsistent design - as explained and discussed in the feature request mentioned in the post just above, and quoted again as follows :

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I agree it’s confusing, but in the second example, the “identifications” are specifically only tied to certain observations; that’s just how the Explore page works. I think it’s helpful to have both.

But inconsistency is a serious issue; a waste of quite a lot of time. Why not using different names ?

According to your descriptions, one name could be something like “top unrestricted identifier(s)” and the other “top community identifier(s)”. Or an asterisk could link to a footnote informing on what is meant by identifier in either case.

Maybe a good solution could be that when you hover the mouse over the # of IDs in the Taxon page it says what that number means, and something similar with the Leaderboard


They’re not labelled as exactly the same thing. I agree that having them linked through the Leaderboard button is confusing and there should probably be more of an explanation somewhere.

Pleae let me emphasize this proposal. It could be useful for the quite many inconsistencies that one finds throughout iNaturalist. And one may have the choice between showing or not all these “hovering” explanations.

@kiwifergus what would you think of this ? I call on you because of previous discussions on inconsistencies…

Or maybe @roysh just start a new topic as a feature request … or a list of features requests…

Is it needed to create a new feature request? or I can make a comment under the old

Yes I would recommend that - especially if you focus on the ID leaderboard issue in the taxon page. You should try to make explicit suggestion(s) on the sentence you would like to show while hovering on the icons. Moderators may move your post if they think it deviates too much, or if it creates a thread that ends up doing so.

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