Incorrect "Profile Pictures"

Someone posted an observation recently and made an impossible identification that was more specific than could be determined from the photo. Someone (quite possibly the same user) then made the photo from this observation, the “profile picture” of this taxon (the picture that appears next to its name when you search for it). This image is completely inappropriate in that use as there is no evidence it shows that taxon. I have commented multiple times that the identification is impossibly precise. What can be done to remove this profile picture?

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go to, then search the taxon you were mentioning in the “search | find species” box shown in the screenshot below

you can click this:

then click “Edit Photos”

which will bring you to this page:

you can click the “x” on one of the photos to delete it. Please keep in mind any changes to photos get recorded in the moderation history of the taxon.


Thanks a lot!


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