Incorrect synonym for Eurybia sibirica

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Step 1: in the “explore species” box, begin typing Aster conspicuus (the old name for Eurybia conspicua)

Step 2: by the time you get to “aster cons” both E. conspicua AND E. sibirica come up with Aster conspicuus given as a synonym for both.

Step 3: image

Sorry, should have added that the correct synonym for Eurybia sibirica is Aster sibiricus

Taxonomy issues are generally best discussed on a taxon flag, which can be added from the taxon page under the Curation drop down.

In this case, the name was imported from Catalogue of Life, which lists many synonyms for this species:

If you still believe it shouldn’t be listed as a synonym, please flag the taxon.

Thanks, I will do that.

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