Incorrect taxon level in cv suggestions
Checking cv suggestions I saw that it says

“мы почти уверены, что это отряд” (so it says it’s sure it’s this order)
But then shows family Acrididae.
Same happens with some other observations

I didn’t find other examples where it suggested taxa higher than genus (which it calls correctly), so I don’t know if this problem is wider than this.

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Janet, that’s a different phenomenon. Geotrupes is simply not seen nearby, if you click “include suggestions not seen nearby”, I’m sure it will show a Geotrupes as the top suggestion. The “pretty sure” suggestions don’t currently take geography into account.

@melodi_96’s problem is like if it said (for example) “We’re pretty sure it’s in the family ‘Genus Geotrupes’”. Geotrupes is not a family, it’s a genus.

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OK thanks. I’ll delete mine so it won’t distract.

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I’m pretty sure it is a translation issue.
Can you give the correct translation in russian?

a. We’re pretty sure this is in the family=>Мы почти уверены, что это отряд

b. We’re pretty sure this is in the family=>Мы почти уверены, что это семейство

c. We’re pretty sure this is in the family=>Something else

d. We’re pretty sure this is in the order=>Мы почти уверены, что это отряд

We are pretty sure


Correct one is b (and d).
family - семейство
order - отряд

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Translation a is removed, translation b is approved. It will be resolved in the next release, will take less then a month. (Last update was yesterday evening…).


Great! Thank you a lot!

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Probably the best way to find out if it works is to check daily…yesterday it did not work yet, so I wonder what ‘main’ is. Or main is cached?
Merged #3317 into main.

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main is the version of the code that the website is deployed from. Once a change reaches main it’ll be deployed the next time the website is deployed.
Deployment seems to occur within a few days of a change being made from what I’ve noticed. I don’t know of any way to see a history of deployments or anticipate exactly when one will occur.

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So I need ‘‘deployment’’ of the ‘‘main’’ before I can see the change? So the website I see is a copy of main but main can be changed after the copy is made and the current website is outdated.

That’s correct.
Deployment mostly involves copying files up to the web server that hosts the website from the main branch on github, so it can be out of date between deployments.