Incorrect Thumbnails

App version: 1.30.6 (599)

Several times while using the app the observation thumbnails have become mixed up. Restarting fixes it (until it happens again)


Huh, that is very weird. You said restarting it fixes it until it happens again. How long does it take before it does happen again?

It’s been happening at least every week. I have not had it happen for a few days now though.
Could it be the “incredibly fast 5g” which is incredibly slow?

Slow internet could very well be the problem as sometimes when I load in the app it is all mixed up, but when I close the tab or let it load for a bit it goes back. If the internet affects the loading process it potentially could mess that up. Try on better internets and if all goes smoothly thats likely the problem.

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It would be helpful to know exactly which screen you’ve posted here. Are these your own observations? Are you using Explore? A full screenshot is best because it includes a lot of context.

I checked the user’s iNaturalist name and skimmed his observations to find that they are his. I assume he was viewing them from the iNat app as thats the tag he used and based off the width of the screen shot, etc. it looks like he just screenshotted his observations from his phone and cropped out his profile name.

This post may be of value to read:

they are my observations on my android phone app.
the first thing that appears when opening the app.
Although it can happen when scrolling through my observations.