Increasing appreciation of Nature

I have a simple, but profound question:
What ways do you know of increasing the appreciation of Nature?
(Either for yourself, for another or for others)

That’s what iNat is for, so an easy answer for you, going out and observing will do it for any person.


The more I learn and discover nature and life forms the more it fascinates me.
Cultivating a wildlife garden with native plants also contributes to that, it makes me feel a stronger connection with my land and its inhabitants.
As for others, I think my biggest achievement was convincing other people to build ponds in their property.
The pond construction as well as their colonization by aquatic organisms allowed me to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about nature and pass it to others.
It also helped turn an entomophobic friend into an insect appreciator. When you have a pond anything that starts living in it feels like an achievement, and insects are always the first to arrive.


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