Indicate presence of other flags on flag detail page

If an item (an observation, comment, taxon, identification, etc) has other flags, please indicate that on the flag detail page. It’s most important to know if there are other unresolved flags, but it’s also often helpful to have context from previously resolved flags too.

Pretty please.


An easy link to parent and child flags would also be useful: some species issues are dealt with at genus level, or a species level flag deals with a subgenus or genus.
One tends to solve issues at the level it is flagged at, which is often not the ideal level.


So for for this (randomly selected) flag, would you only want to see the “View other flags” link if there were other flags for that item, and maybe hide it if other flags did not exist?

Would something like “see all flags on this branch” work? No idea if it’s possible, just spitballing. If so, how far away from the current taxon would you want to see?

Yep! It’d be most helpful if it could also indicate not only that there are other flags, but especially that there are other open flags.