Link to all flags on taxon page

If there are no unresolved flags on a taxon, there is no way to find old flags through the taxon page user interface. If there are unresolved flags, you can.

“Dicots” has 1 unresolved flag, so it has a link to its flags page in the Curation dropdown:
Clicking which reveals there are also 2 resolved flags too:

Asteraceae has 0 unresolved flags and 2 resolved flags. There’s no way to see that those old flags exist through the user interface:
Right now we have to manually add “/flags” to the taxon URL to see if any resolved flags exist and view them.

Flags currently serve as our only “notes” section on various issues with a particular taxon. Knowing there are previous flags on a taxon may be helpful for the current unresolved flag.

Request: Adjust dropdown links to something like this, at least for curators:

  • View flags (1/3) — meaning 1 of 3 unresolved
  • View flags (0/2) — 0 of 2 unresolved
  • View flags (2/5) — 2 of 5 unresolved

Super idea! You have my (currently non-existent) vote!

This has just been released, eg



Wonderful! Thank you Staff!