Internal server error when getting Computer Vision suggestions

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Step 1: Getting the above message: internal service error 500 when I try to get suggestions from the i0s phone app

Step 2:

Step 3:

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Yep. Happening for me, too.

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Happening to me as well - iPhone App “Cannot load suggestions: request failed: internal server error (500)”

i don’t think this is an issue specific to the iOS app. it looks like the computer vision API isn’t responding. so that affects the website and Android app, too, when they try to get computer vision suggestions.

We’re investigating.


On Android the wheel just keeps spinning.

Happening on my end via chrome too. I don’t think it’s on the user’s end.
Usually if I’m uploading and my internet quits out I can add photos but they don’t show up and the AI suggestions won’t load. Right now my added photos are visible when added instead of saying failed to load, but AI suggestions still don’t pop up.
I’m not getting the internal service error though, just keeps trying to load suggestions.

Should be fixed now. Working for me in both browser and iOS app.

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