Interpret annotation shortcut as upvote when it duplicates existing annotation

I try to systematically add phenology annotations when IDing observations. The keyboard shortcuts within the Identify modal are very useful in making this process efficient. If a plant has lots of flower buds and open flowers, it only takes a couple of seconds to Shift + Tab over to Annotations and use p then u and p then l to add the Budding and Flowering annotations.

Quite a few other users also annotate observations, which is great. But when I come to an observation that already has an annotation, my attempt to use the keyboard shortcut gets ignored. In the above example, if the observer had already added a Budding annotation, then my actions would just add a Flowering annotation, implying that I didn’t support their determination that the plant was also Budding.

It would be better if the Identify modal treated this type of “duplicate” shortcut entry as an upvote for the existing annotation. That would reduce miscommunication between annotators and observers, and would improve the efficiency of annotators, who would avoid having to switch over to the mouse (or tabbing between focus items) in order to add the upvote.

I have been wanting this feature since I started using Identify. I add that the shortcut should also automatically count as a downvote if it differs from the existing annotation.


Certainly it should work this way for mutually exclusive annotations (alive/dead, female/male). But not where multiple values are allowed (budding/flowering/fruiting).

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