Allow annotation and other keyboard shortcuts on observation page

I love the Identify keyboard shortcuts for quickly navigating, IDing and annotating. Then when I’m looking at a specific observation page, I find my fingers trying to use the keyboard shortcuts, especially for more rapidly annotating.

Of course not all shortcuts would make sense in this context, but this is the shortened list I’d propose (annotations depending):

|x| Organism Appears Captive / Cultivated|
|c| Comment|
|a| Agree|
|i| Add ID|
|f| Add to Favorites|
|ALT/CMD + ←| Previous Photo|
|ALT/CMD + →| Next Photo|
|?| Show Keyboard Shortcuts|
|p then n| Add “Plant Phenology: No Evidence of Flowering” annotation|
|p then l| Add “Plant Phenology: Flowering” annotation|
|p then r| Add “Plant Phenology: Fruiting” annotation|
|p then u| Add “Plant Phenology: Flower Budding” annotation|
|s then f| Add “Sex: Female” annotation|
|s then m| Add “Sex: Male” annotation|
|s then c| Add “Sex: Cannot Be Determined” annotation|


  1. Consistent UX from Identify and Observe interfaces.
  2. improved efficiency.

Example of improved efficiency:
Annotating on an observation page goes from:
scroll down, mouse, click ‘select’, mouse, ‘click value’,
to type ‘p’ type ‘r’ (or whatever annotation)

This makes it way easier, and way more likely to mark things quickly as dead or alive, or flowering, for instance.