Intersection of teaching and hobby

I’m subscribed to a “Faculty Focus” email that regularly sends out teaching tips (lately, much has been about “engaging students online” as you might expect). This link just came across and made me laugh at how, yes I would recommend this to students from personal experience!

Encountering Nature: Outdoor Walks to Reduce Stress and Increase Focus in Students

BTW it includes lesson plans.


Self care is so important but often gets overlooked. During lockdown my college moved to online learning and I struggled to stay engaged. I discovered that daily nature walks gave me the opportunity to distress while making iNaturalist observations. Once I got in this habit, I looked forward to it everyday.
Now that school is back in session I need to find a way to get back in this habit. It is challenging to find a good work-life balance. Productivity seems to be overemphasized in academia and much of the workforce.


I hope you meant de-stress!

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Thank you for this resource! The pandemic made me reflect some aspects of my life, it’s been quite tough time