Question about detritivorous invertebrates


I was wondering if detritivorous invertebrates could feed on a plant that is drying out (the plant in question is still rooted).

I remember some years ago I was involved in spraying weeds and grass with glyphosate herbicide around buildings and fencelines. I noticed a few days later, in a period of showery weather, crickets were eating the dead and dying grass. They seemed to prefer the grass that had been sprayed to nearby grass that had died from natural causes

ok and for the plants dying without adding products, are there any invertebrates that could get rid of them (knowing that after the disappearance of the plant, the critter could have to adapt to an essentially detritivorous diet.

Ok. I take this opportunity to refer you to this link where I ask another question about these same plants:

do you really need to create separate topics in the forum to cover what appear to be related questions? can these questions all be asked in the same topic?

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In fact, I got into the habit of not grouping everything in a single topic so that the speakers are not lost in my questions (especially since I have a lot to ask)

you can see that in most of the threads where you have a response, the responders first ask for more information about why you’re asking the question. if you had simply grouped these into a single thread, you could just explain about your terrarium once, and then folks wouldn’t have to guess about why you’re asking these questions. and it’s possible that a person who knows about one type of snail will know about the other. or that a person who knows about terrariums can provide best practices in general.

putting all these questions into a single thread also simply helps to keep the forum from being flooded with lots of different threads.

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