Invertebrates feeding on mycelium


can you tell me which arthropods/gastropods, in France, feed on mycelium?

Fungus gnat larvae, isopods, springtails, worms, millipedes, snails, slugs, and most other detritivores will probably feed on mycelium.

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ok, are we talking about the underground part of the mushrooms?

Yes, that’s what I’m referring to.

OKAY. all the invertebrates you mentioned feed on it?

What about food mold?

All of them should feed on mycelium, at least occasionally. Springtails will be the main consumer when it comes to mold.

OKAY. for snails, I assume all species that feed on fungi feed on mycelium.

Terrestrial gastropods in general are pretty fond of fungi. I usually see them on the fruiting bodies, but I’d guess they would eat mycelium too.

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OK, thanks for the informations.

Your terrarium again?

Yer, it’s for m’y terrarium.

You are never going to manage to balance every change by adding a species to eat it. Why not just chuck in a load of different substrates, a selection of detritivores, and watch what happens?

It’s an interesting idea but there are species that I hope to keep to have reproduction / spawning / hatching cycles and I fear that by adding different substrates, I will find predators capable of decimating all individuals of one of the species in question.

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