iOS app giving incorrect time zone

**Platform: iOS

**App version number: 3.2.5

**URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

Last observation with correct time/date data:

First observation with incorrect time/date data:

**Screenshots of what you are seeing:

This image shows the two observations. On the top right is how the time/date used to look when uploading on the iOS app. As shown on the top left, the time zone is correctly displayed as PDT. On the bottom right is how the time/date looks after the update (note that it changed the time zone to Arizona). As shown on the bottom left, the time zone is now incorrectly listed as MST rather than PDT.

This is how the time/date looks when uploading from the iOS app now. I think the inclusion of the “-07:00” is throwing off the time zone.

Is there any way to fix this so I won’t have to manually change each observation to the correct time zone? Was this change intentional or a bug? Thanks!

I updated to 3.2.5 on 4/3/22, so this change was definitely caused by the update, as the Common Pill Woodlouse was my last observation prior to updating and every observation since updating has been in the new format.


It’s a known issue. The app is sending the correct offset now (which was not always happening previously) but somewhere along the way iNat is not always assigning the correctly labeled time zone. Still not great, but better than before, IMO. We’re investigating possible fixes.

You can use the batch edit functionality in the website to change the time zones of multiple observations in the meantime.

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Still occurring as of 14 April 2022—obs was an hour later than listed on iNat page screenshot

We just released a fix that should prevent this from happening any more. It’s looking good for observations I’m making, I’m seeing PDT and not MST anymore.


It is now correctly marking the time zone, but it seems I can no longer manually change time zones. So ones I uploaded yesterday with the intent of fixing today, are now stuck as being in Arizona and on MST time zone, rather than the correct Pacific time.

Was this a reply to my 14 April problem just above?

This was a reply to the original post. I’m not sure what

means. Is the time zone incorrect (as in it was not observed in EDT?) or is the actual time of day (11:54 am) incorrect?

Correct. As the post I linked to said, you can no longer manually edit the time zone itself. However, if you change the coordinates of the observation at all iNat will reassess the observation’s time zone based on the new coordinates. So if you want to do that one by one you can.

My obs of Tiger Swallowtail was at 12:54 EDT, not 11:54—it seems to be using EST but labeling it as EDT

That observation was not made via our iOS app - this bug report is for observations made with our iOS app. That bug has now been fixed.

When I look at the photo’s page, which is where I assume iNaturalist pulled the date/time for the observation from, I see 11:54 am in the photo’s metadata:


So the error seems to be with your camera’s clock, as far as I can tell. Your camera is also using a -7:00 UTC time zone, for what it’s worth (we’ve never used that time zone data on iNat). If you check your camera’s date, time, and time zone settings, are they correct?

Since this problem has been fixed, I’m going to close the thread.