iPhone app - Can't cancel from Select ID

Platform: iOS 12.5.4

App version number: 3.2.1, build 641

If I open any observation in the iPhone app, go to the middle tab (∙∙∙), and hit SUGGEST ID, I’m taken to a screen where I can look up species or select from CV suggestions. It looks like this:

Most times, as far as I can find, there’s no way to cancel out of that screen; I have to select an ID (or close the app). Once I select an ID, I’m sent to a screen where I can CANCEL or SAVE, but the only option on the CV suggestion screen itself is EDIT, which doesn’t actually seem to do anything.

Occasionally, but not reliably, I can start typing in the lookup field, then hit Cancel, and be thrown to the CANCEL/SAVE screen, but usually I’m just returned to this screen. I think there should be a clear way to cancel out of the CV suggestion screen, directly back to the observation.


I see a “Details” button on my iPhone 11 running iOS 14.7.1:

Which device do you have? Have you tried updating iOS to the most current version? iOS 12 is a few years old.

I’m on an old iPhone 6. iOS 12 is as high as it will go.

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Just tried it out on an iPhone 8 which has the same display size and resolution and I can see it, so I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with how the iNat app works in iOS 12. Not sure there’s much we can do about it, unfortunately, but I can ask.

Thanks! It’s not a crippling problem, by any measure, just a minor annoyance.

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