There's no "Cancel" button in the "Suggest ID" dialog on the iPhone app

Platform: iPhone

App version number: 3.2.5, build 658, iOS 12.5.5


Description of problem: When clicking Suggest ID, there’s no “Cancel” button and the user has no way of backing-off.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open an observation in the iPhone app.
  2. Click “Suggest ID”
  3. You arrive at the dialog illustrated in the screenshot and you have no way to cancel the action of adding an ID.

Solution: Add a “Cancel” button.

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Try swiping to the side. See if that works.

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No, it doesn’t work.

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Hmm. Odd

What about the “Edit” button up in the top-right, does this button do anything.

This may have something to do with you using older iOS version, because I’m using the most recent iOS, and the same app version, but my screen is slightly different and shows the “Cancel” button, but no “Edit” button.

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The “Edit” button doesn’t do/change anything. Yes, it’s an old phone. So it behaves differently on different OS versions, huh

On my phone, you have to swipe it down to get rid of it

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I tried swiping in all directions but nothing happens. I’m forced to either give some ID or quit the application.

Well, as it turns out - if I select some ID it doesn’t immediately record it but I get to a new dialog with a “Tell us why” textbox and Save/Cancel buttons:

So then I can cancel it, doh. Sorry, I use the website to do identifications :sweat_smile:
But nevertheless, I still think the Cancel button should also be present on the previous dialog.

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I believe it was in iOS 13 (or maybe 14?) that Apple introduced a sort of stacked card user interface, which allows you to swipe away this screen. See this screen recording: So a back or cancel button isn’t necessary for devices running those versions of the operating system.

And yes, the Edit button does nothing, we should probably get rid of it.

I added an addendum about this to the relevant existing issue, but with the total mobile app redesign underway, I can’t say whether or not it will be implemented.


Thanks for the explanation, it answers many questions. And thanks for adding it on github.

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