Is it possible to create a subscription/notifications for a project or list of species?

I’m thinking specifically about invasive species and provincial/state alert lists. I’d like to create an account that will get notifications whenever an invasive species is found in my province that is on the prevent or EDRR lists. There are projects created already that include all the species lists, but as far as I can tell the subscription/notification system only allows for one taxa in one location.

Is there an easy way to get notifications if I set up a project with these lists, or is the only way to receive alerts for the 30-40 species lists is by manually entering each species subscriptions within my province?

Thank you!

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For things like this, I have bookmarked identify filters.
You can string together taxa, places, and/or projects as a much more personalized subscription. I ID/review observations as they come in so I always see the newest stuff.

For example:
Certain taxa I have “subscribed” to, but all in one place:,781361,117617
One taxon from multiple places:
Observations from projects I want to see:


Thank you! I need to learn more about the url strings, because I know there is several ways you can use them to get even more detailed information out of iNaturalist.

That’s definitely a good option, but I was hoping it would act more as an alert, with email notifications when a new observation is added. Compared to having to manually check these lists.

I’m actually not 100% sure if the subscription service acts like that with notifications/email alerts. I will have to look more into it.

Thank you for your response! I will create an url for the species I want to keep an eye out for.

You can also use a personal list to add all the species in one place, then reference the list_id in the URL instead.

and bookmark

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Thank you! I will look into creating a personal list for the species I’m interested in tracking.

You should be able to set this up in your settings.

Thank you Thomas!

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