Is my dragonfly observation captive or not?

I collected some water lilies from the lake behind my house. The rhizomes had been uprooted so I just collected what was floating. I put them in a fishtank on my backporch in some water that I collected at the same time. I had some hitchhikers including dragonfly nymphs. I didn’t take any photos of them in the tank. I didn’t do anything to the tank: no water changes, no lid or lights, no filter. Later on I found a dragonfly sitting on the edge of the tank waiting for its wings to dry next to its molt and took photos. Should I make separate obs for adult and the molt? Should I mark either of them as captive?

Definitely wild. While the dragonfly was not in its habitat, it was not captively breed or anything like that.

If I bring a raccoon into my garage, it’s still a wild racoon even if it is captive at the moment.


Definitely wild as @kevinfaccenda said. It’s up to you if you want to make two separate observations for the molt and the adult, but since you’re sure they’re from the same individual I would personally make one (with photos of both) and annotate it as Evidence of Presence: Organism and Molt


I also think wild is good for this one. I would make the location of the observation the lake site where you caught it and just give a few notes on the situation in your description.


No, for iNat it will certainly be captive at the time of being in a garage, please read relevant topics, captivity is not about being bred by humans from iNat perspective.

Just don’t post adult one at the time/place where you got the nymphs, nymphs, if you captured them at the stage they where when you caught them, can be posted as if they where in original spot, as you didn’t have any intention to catch them and you didn’t do anything for their life after, they’re ok to be wild!

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it reminds me this tread about fishes at fish markets

i think the thread about fish markets generally assumes you don’t know the collection location / time. because the collection location / time is known in this case, i think this other thread more closely aligns with this topic:

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There was also a thread right about bowls with collected material, I forgot how they’re called, but that thread was the same as this one with one big difference in caring about the bowl after collecting.

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Captured as in photographed? I didn’t photograph it when it was still a nymph. But I did photograph a leech that was also hitchhiking. I didn’t get the photo right away because I didn’t see it before. So I should change the date and location of my leech obs to when and where I collected the water lilies?

Yes, I mean photographed, from previous posts general consensus was to use original date only on animals that didn’t change drastically, if you post imago with original date it would mean there was an imago at that day, which is not true from that specimen, I’d say it’s more fair to use current location for imago as it’s not captive and got to that stage at that spot, same with leech, doubt it changed a lot, so you can use original location or use current one, there’re pros and cons for each of them, it’s up to you.


Thanks everyone for your help :heart:

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